Oral Screening

Oral Cancer Screening with the Identafi® 3000

According to the American Dental Association, 60% of the US population see a dentist every year. With about 34,000 cases of oral cancer diagnosed in America each year resulting in the death of 8,000 people, early detection is  critical. Since a dental visit takes place so regularly, a Dentist or Hygenist is able to start a patient visit with an oral screening to aid in early discovery. Sadly, published studies show that currently less than 15% of people who regularly visit a dentist report having had and oral cancer screening. At our office, we have been doing screenings for years to aid in early detection. But recently we have stepped up the process with new technology and are proud to introduce the Identafi® 3000 - a hand held tool that:
  • Is the most cutting edge multi-spectral oral examination light system
  • Incorporates deep penetrating violet and green-amber lights to excite oral tissues in distinct and unique ways, allowing for very early Oral Cancer detection.